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Let Nigeria Go - Queen Solomona

Download Let Nigeria Go By Queen Solomona Sensational Gospel Singer Queen Solomona Her New song Title, Let Nigeria Go. download below 

Queen Solomona has released another electrifying hit Banger with his latest release, “Let Nigeria Go. This song is a Music Download mix of Afrobeats and electronic music, with a Good sound that sets it apart from other dance tracks. From the Interesting beat to the catchy melody, “Let Nigeria Go” is the perfect soundtrack for any party or club.

The song’s expertly a designed sound and catchy hook make it impossible to resist. With “Let Nigeria Go”, Queen Solomona has created a track that is both classic and contemporary, with a modern twist that is sure to appeal to fans of all genres. The production is top-notch, with each element of the track perfectly balanced to create a sonically pleasing experience that will keep you dancing all night long.

Overall, “Let Nigeria Go” is a fantastic addition to Queen Solomona already impressive discography. The song’s upbeat tempo and shaking energy make it the perfect music to get any party started. If you’re a fan of good music and love to dance, then you definitely need to give “Let Nigeria Go” a listen. It’s a perfect example of how music can bring people together and create a fun and memorable experience.

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Let Nigeria go
Let my people go
( they are crying)2x
Let Nigeria go
They are crying

*Verse one*
Onye obioma
Help your children out
Onye omiko
Help your children out
Gbatara anyi oso enyemaka
Nigeria is calling you
Come to our aid(2x)
You’re the only helper we have
You’re the only helper we need
Ehhh baba
Come to our aid

Let my people go
Let Nigeria go
Let my people go

Let Nigeria go

(Let my people go)4x

*Verse two*
Nigerians are crying

they are crying without ceasing (they are crying)

Nigerians are praying
They are praying without ceasing
Children are dying
Mothers are crying
Fathers are confused
Heal our land…

The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong
It’s not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but the lord that showeth mercy
Show Mercy to Nigerians

A city set on a hill
Can never be hidden
Salt of the earth , where is your taste?
Light of the world
Your people are in darkness (your people are in darkness)

Gbatara anyi oso enyemaka
Nigeria is calling you
Heal our land
Heal our land
Thy will be done
In our country , Nigeria
Forgive our sins
As we forgive others
Heal our land
Heal our land
Oh our land

If my people
Who are called by my name
Can humble themselves
And pray, and seek my face
And turn from thier wicked ways
Then will I hear
And heal the land

Ooo Nigeria
Giant of Africa
Hail Nigeria
Blessed with so many resources
Ahh Nigeria
Helper of other countries
Where is your help, physician heal thyself

I am a diasporan
I speak for myself
I hunger to come home
Ngwa leeenuuuu..

Baba you let Israelites go
In those days,
Let Nigeria go in our days
Unsit the entity sitting on Nigeria
Cut off the legs
That is standing on Nigeria
Break the hands that is holding Nigeria
Blind the eyes
Monitoring Nigeria
Stop the voice
Speaking against Nigeria
Whoever you are
Hear the voice of the lord
Let my people go
Let Nigeria go
Oo oooo (3x)

Let my people go
Let my people go
Let my people go
Let my people go

They are crying
They are crying
They are crying
They are crying



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